Highlights from the Board Room – February 27


Director’s recognition for innovation and leadership

The Director’s Recognition for Innovation and Leadership Award celebrates individuals in Trillium Lakelands District School Board (TLDSB) who have combined the characteristics of innovation and leadership to improve our system and advance the strategic direction goals of improving student learning and achievement, and fostering student and staff well-being. The award is presented by the director of education, Wes Hahn, at each TLDSB Public Meeting of the Board. Hahn introduced this month’s recipients:

Educator Holly Groome, vice-principal Mike Kirkpatrick, and consultant Kate Pellerin worked with Hahn to co-plan the Director’s Student Voice Summit held last spring. Demonstrating creativity and an insight into the activities that would encourage students to think critically and share openly about their experiences in schools, Groome, Kirkpatrick, and Pellerin created an atmosphere where students felt safe to share their experiences and hopes for a better school system. This team trained the G7 Student Senate to be the lead facilitators of two sessions. Peers leading peers through activities resulted in the collection of valuable information to assist staff to better understand the school experience from the student lens. The information gathered at these forums resulted in rich conversations at both the district and school levels about school and classroom climate and instruction.

Director’s recognition for innovation and leadership award

2024 TLDSB Arts Showcase

Student trustee, Maiya Dyni, and superintendent of learning, Jay MacJanet, shared details about the upcoming Better Together Arts Showcase Challenge, which is designed to celebrate the talents of students and empower them to work with teachers to create awareness of our connection to one another on the theme of “better together.”

Three Arts Showcase events will take place in April and May. Further details will be shared at the next Public Meeting of the Board in March.

Director’s report

With a focus on the goals of the 2022-2027 TLDSB Strategic Plan, Director Hahn highlighted areas of focus from across the system, including:

  • A continued focus on literacy and math with continuous educator training taking place to ensure our schools are well-equipped to support their students.
  • In secondary schools, educational coaches are working with educators to help with destreamed courses.
  • The principal and vice-principal pool was opened earlier this year and there are many strong candidates for the leadership success of our system.
  • The Director’s Student Voice Summit and the Director’s Educator Forum that was created last school year and focused on gathering student and staff voice will occur again this spring. The collection of voices from across the system also includes meeting with federation and union representatives three times a year to have an open discussion for sharing ideas and celebrations.
  • A new forum for parents/guardians will be hosted in May 2024 to review and gather more insights on student attendance.
  • Administrators and senior team members recently attended a session with Chris D’Souza, an equity and anti-oppression activist, to unpack biases and take a closer look at anti-oppression in society and the education system.
  • The Student Achievement Plan will be posted publicly on the Board’s website by Tuesday, April 2.

Administrative reports

2024-2025 school year calendar

Superintendent of learning, Kim Williams, presented trustees with an update on the draft 2024-2025 school year calendar. Williams noted that the feedback received from parents/guardians, students, and the wider community provided the consultation group with areas to review. As a result, the proposed Board Instructional Holiday originally scheduled for Friday, November 29 will be moved to Friday, December 20. The trustees passed the recommendation for the Board to submit the 2024-2025 calendar to the Ministry of Education for approval.

Mental health and attendance

Acting associate superintendent of learning, Tanya Fraser, shared that a three-year Mental Health and Addictions Strategy and a one-year Action Plan have been developed. The Mental Health Team continues to focus on prevention and promotion of mental health and well-being and providing tier one and two supports in schools. The team continues to examine attendance trends across the system and are committed to learning more about the reasons why students are missing school, along with gathering student and parent/guardian voices on the matter.

2024 Board meeting schedule

Board meetings are open to the public to attend at the host location in-person. For viewing, the meetings are live-streamed and the link is made available on the tldsb.ca website on the day of the meeting.

Public Board MeetingMarch 26, 20246 p.m.Archie Stouffer Elementary School
Public Board MeetingApril 23, 20246 p.m.Lindsay Education Centre
Public Board MeetingMay 28, 20246 p.m.Muskoka Education Centre
Public Board MeetingJune 11, 20246 p.m.Lindsay Education Centre
Public Board MeetingAugust 27, 20246 p.m.Muskoka Education Centre
Public Board MeetingSeptember 24, 20246 p.m.Lindsay Education Centre
Public Board MeetingOctober 22, 20246 p.m.Archie Stouffer Elementary School
Public Board MeetingNovember 26, 20246 p.m.Muskoka Education Centre
Organizational Meeting of the BoardDecember 3, 20246 p.m.Lindsay Education Centre

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