End of Day Procedure for Walkers

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In our ongoing effort to ensure student safety we have revised our end of day procedure for students who walk home. Please see the letter below that was recently sent home for further details:


December 7th, 2018


Dear Parents/Guardians:


In our ongoing efforts to keep the children safe we have recently reviewed our end of day procedure for the ‘walkers’. Please note the following changes which will come into effect immediately:


  • Parents/Guardians/specified pick-up person will need to check in with the dismissal teacher. While we understand that this may be somewhat of an inconvenience, especially if it requires leaving a warm vehicle on a cold day, we want to ensure that all of the children are safe and are being released to the appropriate care giver.
  • If there is a change in plans and someone other than the regular specified caregiver will be picking up your child, that person will need to report to the office to sign the child out. Please make your alternate caregivers aware of this procedure ahead of time. If the alternate caregiver is someone that the staff has not met they will be asked to provide identification so please also let them know this ahead of time so that they’re prepared should they be asked.
  • Please notify the office promptly of any changes to your emergency contact list. Up to date information is a key component for keeping your child safe. In order to facilitate this we have attached a student information verification form for you to complete and hand in to the office. (This form was given out in September but not all forms were returned and in many cases information has changed since then)
  • Please remember to pick your child up promptly at 3:10 p.m.  If you are delayed because of an extenuating circumstance please make sure to call the office and let the school know. This alleviates confusion and comforts children who may become upset if they do not see their specified caregiver at dismissal time.
  • Please respect the accessible parking spot and leave it free for only those individuals who have a permit to park in this spot.
  • Please do not block the door with your vehicle as this is a fire route and poses a safety hazard if the doors are blocked. It also creates a safety hazard for the children as they are exiting the school.


We greatly appreciate your cooperation with the above and while we recognize that any change takes some getting used to we also know that everyone will support us in keeping the children safe.